Ottawa, November 20, 2021 – Table Tennis Canada is proud to announce that Québec’s Sophie Gauthier and Ontario’s Jeremy Hazin will  represent Team Canada at the 2021 Pan Am Junior Games that will be hosted in Cali, Columbia.  The coach for our Table Tennis Team will be Maxime Surprenant from Québec.

The Cali 2021 Games are an opportunity for athletes of the Americas, 23-years-old and younger, to continue their development as they aspire to one day compete at the Pan American Games and Olympic Games. For some sports, placements at Cali 2021 will qualify quota spots for the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games. Each individual gold medallist at Cali 2021 will earn a direct qualification to compete in Santiago.

Jeremy Hazin – “Going into the event, my goal is to do the best I can and hopefully get a medal and be on the podium.  It is an honour to represent Canada at such a big multi-sport event. I had a similar feeling I  at Tokyo 2020, which will come back again! As for my preparation, I am trying to keep in shape by going to the gym and training as much as possible. As a student, I have limited time to train. Any extra moment that I have, I would immediately find someone to practice with me. Since I don’t train 5-6 hours per day like before, I work on special skills such as serving or receiving during this limited time.”

Sophie Gauthier – “My expectation for this event is to just play my best. I know there are very good players I will have to compete against, so my goal is to use the things I’ve worked on these past months in training and go from there. I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in such a big event. I know not many people get to participate in big games like this, so I will enjoy it and do my best. I am very excited. I tried to do the same preparation that I usually do before a big competition. I focused on the process and getting better each week to hopefully play at my best when I get there.

Maxime Surprenant – “I am very excited about the event. It’s a bit sad that we will not be competing in the team event but we will make the most of this opportunity. I think both Jeremy and Sophie can have a nice run in the single event. I am very proud to be coaching our athletes and represent Canada at such a big event, it’s always nice to be part of team Canada in multi-sport events. Our preparation is going well and we can’t wait for the event to start.”

We are proud of our athletes and coach and wish our Team at the Cali 2021 Games all the best!!!