It is such an honour to represent your country at any event in the word. Participating in the World Championships for athletes under 18 years is even more amazing. The 2019 edition is hosted in Korat, Thailand. The Junior Girls Team qualified and is presented with Sophie Gauthier, Benita Zhou, Kelly Zhao and Joyce Xu. Coach is May Tong. We asked the athletes a few questions.

How do you prepare for such an event?

We prepared for it just as we do for any large tournament. Which means we tried to practice as much as possible and more tournament specific strategies. We played in more tournaments and leagues or played more matches during our training practices.

What goals do you have for this event?

Because the World Junior Championships is such a prestigious tournament, we don’t have very specific goals. However, we hope to gain experience in the international field and perform to the best of our abilities.

How do you fit school, practice and everything else into your schedule?

Time management is definitely key. As high school students we have had to learn to adjust to our limited availability of time. This might mean sacrificing other activities for training, studies, getting less down time, planning tighter schedules and more. But in the end everything is worth it.

Such a great last quote from our Junior Team “At the end everything is worth it.” Good luck to our team, play well, have fun and we are proud of you!

Find more information about the event on the ITTF website.