Half of our U15 players (2 boys and 2 girls) finally arrived, accompanied by Coach Phillip Xie, in Charleston last night (23 July) after 2 days of flight cancellations and delays. It seems that this unpleasant adventure motivated our players to win their matches today. After losing one match each by default earlier in the day, both Canadian U15 Boys and U15 Girls won their last match in the group to advance to the knockout stage.

Our U15 Girls, after losing one match by default, won their remaining matches finishing the day with a great win over No.1 seeded Brazil in a close 3-2 win. Every member of the team contributed to the overall win by winning one match each.

Our U15 Boys, lost to No.1 seeded Puerto Rico, then defeated Mexico 3-0 to qualify for the quatre final stage.

In both cases our U15 teams were seeded last in their group. Congratulations to our players and to their coaches, Raymond Zhang (Girls) and Phillip Xie (Boys).

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