Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Joyce started playing Table Tennis when she was only 8 years old. After asking how Joyce started playing Table Tennis, she said “My parents would play for fun and my older sister started taking lessons, so I slowly picked it up as well.” Her home club is at MyTTC in Markham and her coaches are Chen Hongtao, Wu Siquian and Shen Qiang

Asking Joyce what challenges she has encountered that have made her the person that she is today and she had some nice to share, “I think what I have done in the moments where I felt like I’ve failed and I wanted to quit have really defined me as the person I am today, both within and outside of Table Tennis. Major losses and periods of seemingly no improvement or growth have made me stronger and made me learn a lot more about myself.”

We love hearing more from Joyce and are looking forward to seeing her in our live Aerobic Table Tennis sessions. The first one coming up this Wednesday at 4pm EST.

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