It is so great to see the Sport and Physical Literacy world coming together at the Sport for Life Summit last week. With very interesting topics. From how to stay active, successful stories that happen in the communities in Canada and of course Long Term Development (LTD). To read more about LTD

TUESDAY – Sport for Life Leads Day

Table Tennis Canada presented on the current status of the National Sport Organization (NSO). Talking about the difficulties that we are facing, but also the opportunities that lay ahead. Definitely a shock for most that did not know the financial difficulties that Table Tennis Canada is facing at the moment. We also talked about the help that we receive through Sport for Life.

On the other hand, a lot of good things are happening in Canada for LTD, and even if we are years behind, we will get there through the work of volunteer involvement and hard work of different committees, and keep up with the other NSO’s.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY – Sport for Life Summit

We provided 2 mini tables to the conference, set up next just next to the foyer, allowing everyone to participate and have fun. Thanks to Ottawa Table Tennis Club and Adham, we rented tables to invite attendees from the conference to come out and play with our former National Team Coach and actual Coaching and Athlete Development Consultant, Marles Martins. 

Table Tennis North presented on Wednesday on the topic “Everything is possible – Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories,” showcasing the amazing opportunities and possibilities that the North has. When asked “How many of you have played Table Tennis before?” every single hand went up. What a great opportunity to promote our sport.

There were many great presentations from our partners the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), Own the Podium (OTP) and so many more. Talking about Multisport approaches, Coaching and Athletes Development and just so many successful stories of programming happening in Canada. Great to see Marles Martins participate in many of the workshops and Rémi Tremblay, Fédération de tennis de table du Québec’s general manager,  being asked to speak on behalf of the PSO in one of the panels. 

A huge thank you to Marles for his support for Table Tennis at this Summit. The enthusiasm that he has for our sport got everyone excited and put us on the map with many NSO’s, Sport Canada and our partners in the Canadian sport system. 

Carolyn Trono, Development Director Sport for Life said “It is exciting seeing the energy, enthusiasm coming from the Table Tennis leaders. It seems our MSO & NSO Sport Leaders are enjoying the interactions with Table Tennis. I am already seeing huge successes in Table Tennis Canada progress. Thank you for sharing all you are doing with our sport community.”