We took the time to talk to Manitoba’s head coach Arvin Tronco about their experiences during the pandemic and how they staid in contact with the athletes. The Manitoba Table Tennis Association hosted a 5 series virtual performance course for their 21 athletes. 

How many athletes participated in the sessions? Out of 21 athletes invited only 14 athlete’s attended.

Did every athlete get their own work out plan? Are they still following it? How did it all work? Yes, every athletes got their own reference material and work out plan which provided by Sport Manitoba under the supervision of our Sports Performance Specialist Neal Prokop. And yes they are still following it and athletes  loves to apply all the things they learned from these online sessions during their 1 on 1 training with us.

What did you think about the sessions? 

In order to help our athletes continue to learn and improve despite the current restrictions, MTTA has partnered with Sport Manitoba’s High-Performance Specialists to bring a series of 5 on-line sessions.  The sessions are  sport nutrition, goal setting, strength and conditioning, and mental skills.

These areas are crucial to the success of any table tennis player and high-performance athlete.

All my athletes learned a lot from this sessions specially on how to prepare themselves in big competitions, the importance of nutrition and proper sleep. They also learned how to avoid injury with proper warm-up and cool down during practice or before competition. They also love the live work out session.

What is next for Manitoba Table Tennis?

Right now we are just a week in our Return to play in the gym program. In the near  future I would like to continue partnering with Sport Manitoba specialist to deliver this kind of special training for our Provincial Squad, CWG23 eligible athletes and high performance athletes. It is very important for my athletes to realize that Table Tennis is not just practicing and do lots of repetition to make them better but there are also some areas which only sports science can provide to improve their skills and performance. 

Great to see the opportunities that our Provincial & Territorial athletes have in staying well and active. Hopefully soon we can all meet again to compete for national titles.