Marzieh Hakimara is the highest-ranking female official in Canada.  The International Table Tennis Federation and the Olympic Committee selects only the best in the world of which Marzieh is a member of that elite group.  Her past record at major events is impressive (see list below).  

Due to Covid-19, it has been a long wait for Marzieh and the restrictions on all officials are quite demanding.  Marzieh has shared some of her thoughts with TTCAN:

“Covid19 had major impacts on the world and the 2020 Olympic games will be exceptionally different than its predecessors. There are many rules that all the athletes and officials must follow which causes a lot of stress. For example, although I am fully vaccinated, I must strictly follow the complete set of safety instructions set by the Games organizers to be able to attend the games.  Even during the games, we must stay within the same bubble, and it feels like being in quarantine. In addition, we must get tested multiple times, including before leaving Canada, during the games and when we come back. While pre-departure tests are not free, luckily, fully vaccinated people do not have to self-isolate upon return to Canada and that reduces the cost associated with the trip. 

Regardless of such difficulties, I hope I will be able to meet the requirements and perform my best as a Canadian representative at the 2020 Olympic games (July 2021).”

On behalf of the TTCAN Umpires and Referees Committee, we wish Marzieh all the best.

Major events since 2016

2016    World Championships – Malaysia                            

2016    Pan American Junior Championships – BC                

2016    North America Olympic Qualifier – Toronto                

2016    World Junior Championships- South Africa          

2017    Uncle Pop Women’s World Cup, ON, Canada                  

2018    Commonwealth Games –Gold Coast, Australia                                    

2018    World Championships – Halmstad, Sweden                                    

2018    Canada Cup #2 – Waterloo, Ontario (DR)                          

2018    Canada Games – Red Deer Alberta (DR)                      

2018    Bulgarian Open

2018    Canadian Junior & Cadet Open (Markham)

2018    Canadian Cup Final, in Markham (DR)  

2018   Youth Olympic Games – Qualifier (Markham)                                                        

2019    German Open, Bremen                                                                

2020    Olympic Games – Tokyo, Japan (2021)                              

2019    North American Open, (Markham, ON)