After a long stop of competitions due to the pandemic, and as sport facilities open up, Matthew Lehmann has found a personal plan in preparation for the Canadian Championships and upcoming national team selections this coming season.

Q.Matthew, you have been training mainly at home during the pandemic and you have not played any tournaments for more than a year. How are you preparing for the Canadian Championships in Montreal?

A.  “Because facilities and clubs opened earlier in the US, I decided to do my return to competition there. I arrived in the USA on July 19th. I am training at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy in Akron, Ohio.  The first two weeks of my stay consist of training camps with many players from across the US, as well as some international players.  My training partners have included Damien Provost (France), JishanLiang (US National Men’s team), and members of the Puerto Rican National Team.  Canadian National Team members Jordan Grewal (Junior) and Zelig Ye (Cadet) are also participating in the training camp! 

I will be staying here in Ohio for one month.  In addition to the weekly league, I will be competing in the Paddle Palace July Open and will be finishing my stay with the NittakuOhio Open (August 13-14th).

Next I’ll head back to Canada for my final preparations for the Canadian Championships.

It is good to see Matthew taking his preparations for the Canadian Championships very seriously. The Canadian Championships will be used to select players for the National Team. Matthew’s next goal is to be selected for the Commonwealth Games in 2022. He has postponed his University courses in order to focus on table tennis. He will also join training sessions in Toronto and Montreal this season.