The Men’s World Cup (MWC), which was inaugurated in 1980, and the Women’s World Cup (WWC), which started in 1996, were the marquis yearly events of the ITTF. The 1980 MWC was created by Ichiro Ogimura who was then the Deputy President of the ITTF and later became President in 1987. The WWC was started at the initiative of Adham Sharara, ITTF Deputy President at the time, with the full support of then President Xu Yinsheng of China, as the start of Gender Equality at the ITTF..

Both events were very successful from every point of view. However, with the pandemic, and with the introduction of WTT, both World Cups saw the sunset and were not held since several years.

Possibly realizing the commercial and promotional value of World Cups, the ITTF has revived both World Cups and additionally created the new Mixed Team World Cup (MTWC), which was inaugurated in December 2023 in Chengdu, China. Canada did take part in this first MTWC.

The men and women World Cups were always held separately with 16 men and 16 women. However, the new World Cup format is different, it will be held for both Men and Women at the same date and place (Macao), with an increase to 48 men and 48 women.

Canadians Mo ZHANG and Edward LY have been invited to take part based on their ITTF Ranking.

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