After excellent wins in the first round (128), Mo Zhang and Jeremy Hazin both lost in the second round (64) in the same fashion.

Jeremy, 21, who is ranked No. 156 in the World, lost to the much higher ranked Patrick Franziska, 29, of Germany who is currently ranked No. 14 in the World.  The difference in ranking is obvious from the result of the match that was dominated by Franziska 11-5, 11-3, 11-5, 11-7.

After the first-round win over Marcelo Aguirre of Paraguay, Jeremy said ““It feels very good to win. I am now a part time student and not a professional anymore. I put a lot less expectations on myself, a lot less pressure and it turned into something positive. I was moving my feet very well. I was attacking. Something I normally don’t do. A combination of him struggling with my style and me playing unbelievable well was the success for my win.”

It must not feel good to lose, but given the difference in level and ranking, the outcome is not a surprise.

Jeremy now heads to Cali, Colombia, For the 2021 Pan American Junior Games that start today (25 November), with the table tennis competition scheduled for 30 November to 5 December 2021. Jeremy will be joined by Sophie Gauthier as the only other Canadian in the competition. The coach is Maxime Surprenant. We wish them both all the best and hope for good results.

Mo Zhang, like Jeremy, had a very good win in the first round in and extremely close match. Unfortunately, she could not sustain the winning momentum in the round of 64, losing to the left-handed Barbora Balazova, 29, from the Slovak Republic who is ranked No. 54 in the world.  Balazova dominated the match winning 11-7, 11-6, 11-3, 11-9.

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