Mo Zhang (Canada) has advanced to the Round of 16 at the Tokyo Olympics after a narrow 4-3 win over Yana Noskova from Russia in the 2nd round and an amazing win against German’s Petrissa Solia. A win in the round of 32 that was also 4-3 at the end for the Canadian. 

That was quite the battle today. How did you feel about going into the final sets?

Mo: I was leading 2-0 and she caught up to me. I played too easy at that point. But after she came back and we played the 7th set I felt much calmer. 

Is it often that it takes you a little bit more time to get into the calmness?

Mo: It is the Olympic Games, so there is definitely a lot of pressure. 

What has the Olympic experience been for you as it is an unique experience for everyone? 

Mo: It makes me more focused around the match and I am thinking less. 

When is your next match and how do you prepare for that?

Mo: I am going to play tomorrow against the #1 seed from China. It will not be an easy match, but I will give my best.

“It is with great emotion that we watched Mo Zhang win against Petrissa Solja of Germany in the round of 32 at the Tokyo Olympic Games. It was worth staying up late to watch the match streamed on CBC. The match was a real seesaw battle but ended in Mo’s favour. It was impressive to see Mo keep her calm and focus to win against a higher ranked player. Solja is ranked 16th in the World and Mo is 39th. This is a great win for Mo at the Olympics. We will all cheer for her in the round of 16.” – Adham Sharara, President Table Tennis Canada

Watch Mo Zhang live on CBC Streaming at 4:30pm on Tuesday (local time) on July 27th and cheer for our Canadian.

4:30pm Tokyo time (Monday 27 July)
3:30am Ottawa time (Monday 26 July)
1:30am Vancouver time (Sunday 25 July)

You can also see the live score at the same times at this link: