Table Tennis Canada is thrilled to announce the upcoming second National Girl’s Training Camp, scheduled to be held in Québec City in July. The organization is buzzing with excitement as preparations for this event come together seamlessly.

This training camp serves as a celebration of table tennis, uniting youth from across the country, spanning from coast to coast to coast. It is a testament to the dedication and talent of young athletes who will gather in Québec City for this important  event. A special congratulations is extended to the athletes who have been selected to represent their respective provinces and territories at this training camp. Their hard work and commitment to the sport have earned them this opportunity to come together and connect while showcasing their skills on a national stage.


Jingxi Gao BC
Chloe Gui Yu Chau BC
Joanna Teresa Raj NB
Theekshitha Prakash NB
Tamarah Eyada NL
Divine Grace Aseo NL
Courtney Shane Aseo NL
Sofia Elena Casas NS
Kathleen Yuetong Cai NT
Karissa Sadowick NT
Amber xihan Lin ON
Julia Qiulei Lin ON
Sophia Gao ON
Olivia Zhao ON
Lea Gaudimier QC
Sophie Coros QC
Lilou-Rose Gasc  QC
Rosalie Brousseau QC
Rani Yang QC
Zhangjingyi Liu SK
Habibah Gbadebo SK
Hector Thulir SK

Mariann Domonkos
Julia Charbonneau

Assistant Coaches
Ivy Liao
Phuong Nguyen
Joyce Xu

Karine Dumontier

Participants and their parents are advised to stay tuned for an upcoming information meeting in the following weeks. For those traveling by plane, it is requested to promptly provide the return itinerary for July 28 to facilitate travel arrangements. The National Women’s Training Camp is set to take place from July 25 to 28 in Québec City. Table Tennis Canada eagerly anticipates the gathering of talented athletes and looks forward to a successful and enriching event.

Stay tuned for more updates and details as we count down to this exciting event in Québec City!