It has been six months since our last national team event. In the last few weeks I have been in contact with the senior men national team players, selected juniors and their PSOs.   The good news is that all of them have been active. Some of them still prefer to practice in an isolated environment, but many have started to practice in a group environment.  The Montreal HP Center has already opened its doors! Some proactive players started to travel between provinces in order to practice with each other (Jeremy Hazin and Edward Ly).  There is no doubt that it is the right time to start with National Team training camps! The summer break is nearing its end and we need to use the opportunity for a multi-day training camp.
The following players expressed their readiness to participate in the camp in Mississauga (August 22-27):
Jeremy Hazin
Terence Yeung
Edward Ly
Tommy Xu
Joyce Xu
Sophie Gauthier
David Xu
Nicole Cai
Hongtao Chen
They will train under the guidance of Eugene Wang and Maxime Surprenant. In addition, Siqian Wu and Tong May Hui, Canadian Senior Women Champions from 2019 and 2018, will also support the training camp and they will attend some of the training sessions.
The camp is not mandatory and the HPC is fully aware of the difficulties related to the COVID 19 situation. Athletes and their parents are expressing concerns in their own environment. While we will do our best to minimize the risks following health and sports authorities’ recommendations, our first camps will not to be mandatory. Our initial plan to have one summer training camp (Montreal) where all National Team listed players would be invited is replaced with a plan to have more camps regionally where we will have around 10-12 players per camp. The implementation for the required social distancing will be easier with smaller groups.
You can expect more camps targeting different age categories in the near future.
Dejan Papic