Athletes Oliver Woodworh, Harrison Woodworth, Joanna Raj and Esha Prakash were present with the manager Stephanie Woodworth and the coach Michel Ichiy at the 2023 Canada Games.This very young team, with an average age of 12, turned heads for several good reasons.

First, for their spectacular game at the table. On several occasions, the crowd gathered to follow the matches that involved them. Their passion was beautiful to see.

 Another remarkable aspect is their exemplary attitude at the table and outside the table. Despite their young age, they talk to everyone and accept numerous interview requests.

Finally, their sportsmanship is already very strong. An experienced referee, Keven Lachaine, reports having witnessed a fact worthy of mention. “During a mixed doubles match between New Brunswick and Nunavut, Oliver is very energetic and determined, his partner is a little more shy, but all smiles to be at the Canada Games. Oliver’s positivism and encouragement impressed me. Oliver was very happy and was cheering for his team mate: Wow Esha, incredible shot, magnificent, what a player! The best part was when she missed shots, I heard Oliver say to his partner: It doesn’t matter, you’re good, keep it up, don’t give up, we’ll succeed. I have rarely seen a class like that, especially at this young age.”

The coach, Michel Ichiy and the manager Stephanie have reason to be proud of their athletes and we can’t wait to see them again at the next national tournaments and hopefully we won’t have to wait another 20 years before seeing the NB team at the Canada Games!!!