A new TTCAN Gender Equity & Equality Committee (GEC) was formed with the mandate of finding new initiatives to increase TTCAN’s female participation at all levels and in all domains.

The new GEC met for the first time on 1 June 2021 to discuss and finalise the TTCAN GE policy for presentation to the Board. The next meeting, which is scheduled for 8 July 2021, will review and finalize the current draft GE Plan.

You can find the GE Policy approved by the Board at the following link:


For the composition of the GEC, please click here:


The final Plan will be available and posted on the TTCAN website soon under menu item “GENDER  EQUALITY”, sub-menu “GE General Plan”.

For any additional information, please contact the GE Program manager, Karine Dumontier at: karine@ttcanada.ca