Photo and article by Anqi Luo

The “ITTF Hopes Week & Challenge” for North America is a 6day program, combining 5 days of rigorous training, with each day spanning 6 hours, and ending with the “Hopes Challenge” competition on the final day.

The training camp was a great experience for the two Canadians(winners of the U11 Target Group tournament in April 2023), especially for Amber Lin. The 4 American U11 girls were all pimple-racket players, so Amber had the chance to learn to play against different styles of pips for the first time in her table tennis career. For Jesse Yin, it was evident that his fundamentaltechnical skills had room for improvement. Nevertheless, the program provided the perfect platform for him to focus on improving these essential technical skills.

The ITTF Head Coach, Massimo Costantini indicated that the two Canadian players always showed good work ethics and were respectful during the camp. However, they are not as skilled as the top Americans, but have shown improvement as the camp progressed.

Canadian coaches Luba Sadovska (BC) and Anqi Luo (ON)were on hand to assist Massimo Constantini in the coaching of the young group.

Over the course of the 5 days training, Coach Massimo requested for the assistance of Anqi Luo with the multi-ball exercises to ensure the Canadians receive the support they needed.

The Hopes Training Camp was held on 25-30 July 2023 at the same time as the Pan American Youth Championships in Charleston, W.V., USA.

Hopes Challenge competition format was round robin for boys and for girls separately. There was a total of 6 boys and 5 girls. Jesse won one match and lost 4, while Amber lost her 4 matches. It is clear that the young Canadians and their coaches have some work to do to catch up with their American counterparts.

2 August 2023