Front Row – Left to right: Robert Cloudier (ON), Stephanie Chan (BC), John McPherson (National Coach for Para), Steve Dunn (NS) and Barry Butler (ON) Second Row: Xiaoyang Zhu (ON), Anna Kharenko (NS), Nicholas Kharenko (NS), Davis Dauphinee (NS) Third Row: Steph Craan (NS), Steve Price (local Coach), Barb Martin (Volunteer), Kali Chiasson (NS), Maddy Hayes (NS), Curtis Caron (NS), Michael Drozdowski (NS) Top Row: Ethan Ennis (NS), Ben Robertson (NS), Pradeeban Peter-Paul (National Coach), Kelsa Sibley (NS), Carmen Vanwychen (NS), Mikhail Kharenko (parent-coach)

Nova Scotia Table Tennis Association organized a summer table tennis camp in Canning, Nova
Scotia, which was held from August 27 to 31.

This was the first time that a summer camp involved both able bodied and disabled players. Commitment to the development of all players is paramount and Nova Scotia has set the stage for the rest of Canada to follow.  Athletes from BC, ON, and QC attended the camp which was spearheaded by two outstanding National Coaches, namely Mr. Pradeeban Peter-Paul and Mr. John MacPherson.

Mr. Pradeeban Peter-Paul has been on the National Team for several years. His career has been filled with many opportunities representing Canada at the World Championships, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympics. He is a national treasure in Canada. Three years ago, Pradee made a decision to become a coach and was immediately engaged with training our National Team players, mostly in Toronto at the Markham Pan Am Centre (Markham, ON).
Today, his services can be shared among the Provinces. Atlantic Canada is the first camp outside of Ontario to receive his attention. Pradee brings with him a multitude of experiences and a unique knowledge of what it takes to go to the next level. We welcome Pradee to Nova Scotia.

Mr. John MacPherson is the current National coach for athletes with a disability. He has coached a variety of players across Canada to the podium at several International events in South America, Australia and Europe. John is a resident of Nova Scotia and has shared his expertise with all athletes across the Province. This will be the first time that both athletes with and without a disability will be integrated into a summer camp in Nova Scotia.

Our summer camp was a huge success. We would like to thanks Support 4 Sport for being a major partner in this innovative approach to table tennis, as well as coaches Pradeeban Peter-Paul and John MacPherson for their leadership throughout the camp. Valuable lessons have been garnered from the experience which can be used for future camps.

The Annapolis Table Tennis Club provided valuable volunteer support under the direction of Steph Craan.