TTCAN is in the process of restructuring. In this process the professional staff was reduced to two persons plus a part-time financial consultant. This was a drastic reduction mainly due to the very difficult financial situation of TTCAN.

Some of our Board members are working almost on a full-time basis as volunteers. So at the AGM of TTCAN this past June we adopted a new Committee structure, based on volunteers from across Canada and supported by our staff.

We are in the process of concluding the formation of all new Committees. The list of committees and it’s members has already been published, and we just received the Board’s approval for the composition of the new Officials Committee.

The President had initial meetings with the Chair of each new Committee to launch their programs and new initiative. More information will be forthcoming soon.

Official Committee

Keven Lachaine – Chair
Norman Tang – Education
Darek Makita – Selection Panel
Brian Stuart – Selection Panel
Dave Lau – Selection Panel
Daniel Chung – Associate member
Joe Fisher (Program Manager)