Congratulations to all of the Provinces that nominated officials for the National Championships that take place in Markham, Ontario from July 10th to July 16th.

Once again, TTCAN welcomes are neighbours to the south for their participation. TTCAN has a reciprocal agreement that sees officials from Canada attend the USA Nationals. During the Nationals, three of the umpires will attend a National Umpire seminar on July 9th.  This will prepare them for the 1 hour exam after a 4 – 5hour classroom seminar.
The referee team consists of:Norman Tang, Referee
Hope Xing, Deputy Referee
Marzieh Hakimara, Deputy Referee

Umpires include:

Farida Chishti (PE)
Najam Chishti (PE)
Real Poudrier (QC)
Normand Belanger (QC)
Lac Nghia Ly (QC)
Kevin Lachaine (QC)
Yuliang Bao (AB)
Lijun Chen (AB)
Norm Tran (MB)
Gregory Chan (MB)
Dave Greenough (NS)
Craig Simon (USA)
Kenny Mockk (USA)

Ontario will supply several local umpires with a variety of past experience including Blue Badge umpires, International Umpires and a few that are newly qualified.  Congratulations Ontario.