Table Tennis Canada announces the National Team for Para Table Tennis Canada. Some of  you were part of Table Tennis Canada’s Para National Team (TTCPNT)  in the past. Gone are the days when if you wanted to play for Canada, and you paid the National Team Fee and were willing to pay a share of the cost, you were in! Now we have fully transparent criteria that anybody can verify by looking at the player’s international results.  The Para Table Tennis Committee and the Table Tennis Canada Board of Directors has approved this selection criteria and the National Team that comes from applying this criteria to the list of Para athletes.
Once the Para Table Tennis world opens up again, and it is safe to travel, we will be resuming the Para Program in full which includes opportunities for all Para Table Tennis athletes, including: National Championships; Training camps in at least 3 regions, Halifax, Toronto, and Vancouver, competition opportunities for all.
The National Para Team is a 3 tiered team (with a 4’th tier of non-classified or inactive athletes on the international scene for a period of the previous 2 calendar years,  in this case 2018, 2019 due to covid). This 4th tier is simply called “Hopefuls” as they have expressed some level of interest in getting classified, reclassified or simply want to become active again. Each of the first three tiers has its own results oriented criteria. These results are international results because how you do against each other is not relevant or meaningful to evaluate how you will do internationally. Results matter!
Last Name First Name Class Status Province
Caron Curtis 8 National Team – Competitive NS
Chim Hing CHAN Stephanie 7 National Team – Competitive BC
Isherwood Peter 2 National Team – Competitive BC
Séguin Gabriel 6 National Team – Competitive QC
Mudassar Muhammad 5 National Team – Competitive ON
Dunn Steven 3 National Team – Development NS
Drozdowski Mikhail 11 National Team – Development NS
Murtaza Asad 3 National Team – Development ON
Cloutier Robert 3 National Team – Development ON
Tingley Paul 4 National Team – Development NS
Wattoo Mohsin 4 National Team – Development ON