The Copa Costa Rica were hosted from December 14-16 in San Jose. A total of 6 para athletes made the trip down and came home with 5 bronze medals. 

Stephanie Chan, class 6 bronze medal in women singles.

Peter Isherwood, competed in combined class 2-3 and placed 3rd with bronze medal in men singles. 

Mohsin Watto and Steven Dunn, class 3 and 4 bronze medal in men doubles. 

Muhammad Mudassar bronze medal in men singles combined class 4-5.

Coach Luba took some time to share her experience at this tournament. 

We are back and into snowy weather. For me it was first PARA International tournament coaching experience, along with coach Dejan Papic and 6 PARA athletes (4 wheelchair and 2 standing). I felt very confident in my new appointed role and coaching abilities. 

As a team we worked together very well, we had pre- briefing meetings and de-briefing meetings after each game to see what went good or not and where we can improve or do better. Athletes were responsible in doing their ‘on and off table’ warm ups, as well as coaches helping with on table technical warm ups before games.

All athletes were great in supporting each other during the whole competition and cheering during games, great team work and performance. My coaching knowledge was put to a great use in different matches for wheelchair and standing singles and doubles. 

It was amazing to see athletes with different disabilities to compete every game, every point, there were some disappointments but many happy moments as well. 

Thank you Luba for that report and for supporting the athletes. Congratulations to all the participants. We are looking forward to the many success coming in the future.