We started a Table Tennis/Pingpong sports initiative in Parksville BC. All the founders are avid table tennis players. We have almost 49 members in our facebook page and growing (Parksville Pingpong/TableTennis Group). This all started because we felt that residents of our city need more option of recreation .

A lots of the residents in our city are seniors who love to play Table Tennis. The tables were borrowed and I managed to buy a used table for $50. We created a go fund me account so we can buy paddles and new balls so its just hustle and passion to start the group . It is worth the work specially if you can see their smiles and laughter playing pong, so fulfilling. That is why we do this.

The club is open every Saturday from 12-2pm at 186 Shelly Road in Parksville, British Columbia. We hope to see you there.

Hopefully this will start some inspiration and grow the sport of Table Tennis in our communities.