It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to report to you the passing of our former Head Coach George Damianov.  George started with us in the fall of 2002 and retired in the spring of 2012.  I know that George touched each and everyone of us with whom he dealt.  He was a superb table tennis coach yes, but he was far more than this!  He used table tennis as a medium to teach all of us about life, about values, work effort and how to treat each other.  George cared deeply about the well-being of all of his players over the decade that he was with us and beyond.  Indeed, in the words of his successor Milcho Uzunov, “He was the main reason I to be part of MTTA, from the beginning I worked with athletes who were built by Mr. Damianov, he was worried about their sport and personality developments.  He always helped me with advises for everything in coaching and life also.  George is always in my heart.”


There is a great reminder of George in the form of a super picture in the 5thfloor hallway of Sport Manitoba of George coaching one of his students, Terry Zhang (B15) , at the 2007 Canada Winter Games where he won bronze and his team mate Frederick Eng (B18) also won bronze.


Rest in Peace George.


Ron Edwards