A summary of the article published in the Belgian newspaper La Meuse de Liège.

Pau Noël, Belgian Coach, had a lot of success on European soil before. And pursuing his career for 8 years in Canada, more precisely in Saskatchewan. Travelling to Belgium annually, he takes the opportunity to visit his family, including his 2 children and his mother who this year recovered from COVID. 

His Table Tennis journey began first as a player. He played in the first division, in Ars, where he meet Jean-Michel Saive for the first time. He started his coaching career with earning his physical education diploma from the University of Liège. He then worked for the Belgian Federation and began to go abroad as he liked travelling, This included a stay in Canada where he met Ron Edwards from Manitoba. His work in Canada since 2011 allowed him to experience his passion for his sport.

In his coaching career, meeting Jean-Michel Saive was very important. Noël reunited with Jean-Michel Saive in 1999-2000. After being teammates, Noël would become the private coach for all aspects of Table Tennis for Saive who was going through a more difficult time in his career. Saive will regain the success that we know later.

Paul Noël’s coaching record is impressive: assistant coach of the Belgian National Team, Coach in Germany (3 European Cups as a team), collaboration with the Luxembourg Federation and of course private coach of Jean-Michel Saive.