After more than two and a half years of no competition, COVID and having a baby, National Para Team athlete Peter Isherwood took on the journey to participate in several para events in Europe. 

“I joined our coach Ian Kent and class 6 player Gabriel Seguin for two tournaments in Europe. We started off in France and from there headed to Slovenia both of which were factor 40 tournaments, a comparison to WTT Contender for the level of play could be made. I’ll focus on the Slovenia tournament because after two years away my first tournament in France out a little bit like getting reacquainted with an old friend. The tournament took place in Laško Slovenia, one of the most tranquil and beautiful places I’ve seen. 

From my experience I would say that this is one of the best run tournaments I’ve ever been to.  From transportation to food to organization and officiating little was missing. Although the outcome of the tournament for me did not reflect my expectations I had some good matches with lots to reflect on and some adjustments to my game in order to be more successful going forward. The opportunity to observe and connect with some of the top players in their respective classes has given me some great insight as to what’s needed to excel in this amazing sport. 

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