6 Canadian players were invited to take part in the Preparatory Training Camp for the Pan American Championships in Charleston, West Virginia, USA:

  • Jessie XU – (U15)
  • Gina FU – (U19)
  • Crystal LIU – (U19)
  • Frederick ZHANG – (U15)
  • Siméon MARTIN – (U19)
  • Laurent VIGNEAULT-JUTRAS – (U19)

In addition, Jordan GREWAL (U19) is participating at his own cost in a parallel Training Camp staged by the USATT.

The Canadian coaches are Maxime Surprenant and Eugene Wang. The Head Coach from the ITTF is Massimo Costantini (centre of photo).

The rest of the team will arrive in Charleston prior to the Pan American Championships:

  • Demi Yu Ting CAI – (U19)
  • Jiayi Fiona NIE – (U19)
  • Ivy PAN – (U15)
  • Olivia HUANG – (U15)
  • Emily LIU – (U15)
  • Kevin Guo – (U19)
  • Horan Guo – (U15)
  • Zonggang LI – (U15)
  • Matthew HO – (U15)

In addition, the team will be completed with two more coaches; Raymond Zhang and Phillip Xie.

We wish our team all the best in the upcoming Competitions.