As our Olympic qualifiers are getting ready to travel to Tokyo on 16 July 2021, they were asked how they feel:

Eugene Wang:

  • I am improving steadily since we started to practice together in April. Of course, a big step is made here in Portugal. I feel better, more in shape, and moving faster. I am well aware that we, as a Mixed Doubles team need to peak in Tokyo and not here, so each day we work on many details to make sure that we are at our best in Tokyo. 
  • Mo and I are getting better connected during games. It is reflected in our understanding on and off the table. Recently, we put a plan with Hong Tao to work on our patterns in our game. Practicing mixed double requires different focus and discipline. We have that now
  • I heard the great news that Mo and I are on the ITTF invited list for the mixed doubles at the World Championships. This is great news, but all focus now is on Tokyo. 

Jeremy Hazin:

  • I am sharper compared to first day we came to Portugal. 
  • For the next 12 days I need to work on my mental game. Tokyo is a huge event for me. I am doing some meditation. I need to be relaxed. Of course, daily I work on my serve and receive and third ball attack.
  • For physical fitness I am a regular in the gym. Recently working more on my flexibility.

Mo takes a break and Eugene reflects