Currently, as a carry-over policy from the previous administration, any national team athlete can request from TTCAN to be entered in officially recognized international events (ITTF, WTT, etc.) and self-fund the costs (travel, accommodation, etc.). These official events require that the entry be made by the national association using the ITTF’s “tournament registration system”.

Until now, TTCAN accepted any self-funded request from national team athletes to participate in such international events, as it is an opportunity to gain ITTF Ranking points, and of course, it is also an opportunity to compete internationally over and above the national team program.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, it can no longer be such an automatic acceptance to enter players, as there are many consequences and costs associated with exposure to other athletes from other countries who are Covid-19 positive. The consequence is a quarantine period (10 to 14 days) and additional costs (quarantine hotel, changes to air-tickets, etc.). It can also negatively affect a subsequent event at which the national team will participate and may lose an important member of the team due to quarantine or actually contracting the virus.

Therefore, as president of TTCAN, and being very concerned of the consequences of a positive Covid-19 exposure, I will be proposing to our Board of Directors, as an emergency measure, a new “International Participation” policy specifically addressing participation in international events on a self-funded basis.

The new policy is not intended to limit or disallow self-funded participation in international events, but we will set special conditions for acceptance of such self-funded participation. These conditions must be met and agreed upon in advance for TTCAN to proceed to enter the athletes in international events.

The new policy and conditions will be announced and circulated to all concerned after it is formulated and approved by the Board.

Adham Sharara