Provincial/Territorial Ratings Chairs

During this month, we will be working with a programmer to fix the reported errors. Meanwhile, we would like to emphasize once again about the procedure for rating correction.

Each month, TTCAN receives the competition results (all matches with winner and loser names) from the Provincial Rating Chairs and imports them into TTCAN rating system directly; the new ratings are automatically calculated by the system.

TTCAN should not and will not modify data in the original file submitted by the Provincial Rating Chairs. Therefore, it is very important that the Provincial Rating Chairs use the provided excel sheet and “copy” and “paste” the players’ name into their reports.

The errors occur because the files we received show players with different spellings from the original excel files. Other mistakes in the submitted files (incorrect results) are responsible for several other errors. We have also noticed that a few players intentionally register with different names – these errors must be corrected by Provincial Rating Chairs.

When you notice an error, please report it immediately to your Provincial Rating Chair or the Provincial Rating Chair in which the tournament was held. The Provincial Rating Chairs will inform TTCAN through of the error and the before the report deadline (20th of each month).

TTCAN will no longer respond to emails from players.

Here is the list of all P/T Ratings Chairs:  

BC: Bernard Lau

ABCarton Lao or ATTA

SKDave Coleman


ON: David Lau

QCGuillaume Tremblay

NSAl Martell

PETodd Gregory

NLMervyn Greenham

YKKevin Murphy

NUAttila Csaba

NWTThorsten Gohl


Moving forward, any correction submitted will be corrected in the following rating period.


5th of the month: Rating is published

5th-20th of the month: period that errors can be reported to TTCAN by the Provincial Rating Chairs – no errors will be corrected if reported after the 20th of the month in question.

23rd-25th of the month: re-run of previous rating period do include all corrections (if needed)

31st of the month (last day of month): deadline for Provincial Rating Chairs to submit results to TTCAN.

We count on your help to make the Canadian Ranking System as accurate as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.