Interview by Julie Forget

Photo by Thorsten Gohl

Rémi Tremblay has stood at the helm of Table Tennis Quebec for the last 10 years and recently sat down with us to talk about his past and what opportunities he sees for the future of table tennis.

Q: How did you first get involved in Table Tennis?

A: I started playing at the age of 10 in school, and my younger brother saw me playing and wanted to play as well so we both played for many years. I made the national team and I played until I was about 22, and then I started coaching at “Club de tennis de table TOPS” in Repentigny. I coached there for 10 years and at the same time I started to work at Table Tennis Quebec as the Assistant Technical Director. Jacques Plamondon had been there for 20 years and when he decided to leave, they offered me the job!

Q: What was it about table tennis that first attracted you to the sport, and has kept you involved for so long?

A: The people I met in table tennis were unique. I was also playing baseball at the time, and I really liked the people and the spirit of the sport, and all the different things you can do with a ball. I could also see all the possibilities that table tennis could offer me. That’s why I’ve been involved this long.

Q: Table Tennis Quebec is quite a successful provincial federation with around 1000 members and 30 clubs, what do you think is the reason for that success?

A: The support that we have from our government is a big key to our success. Not just financially, but just the support in general. After that, all of the things that Jacques built up before me have really helped. I just had to take it to a higher level. There are a lot of table tennis players in schools in Quebec, and we can reach them, and all the tournaments and competitions bring the players to the clubs. We also now have a training centre attached to our office where we have about 20 players a month coming to play, with a group of 8-10 coming every day.

Q: What are some of your proudest achievements with Table Tennis Quebec?

A: We have a strategic plan that we just launched this past June which I’m really proud of. Also the Center that we’ve formed next to our office and the high performance program we now have with a full-time coach and the academies that we run which bring in the best young players in the province. I’m also really proud of the great people that are part of our staff who have helped us become one of the top-15 federations in Quebec.

Q: What is your vision for the future of table tennis in Quebec and in Canada?

A: We need to start working with the clubs, because of the pandemic it’s going to be really hard to help them recruit players. Before the pandemic we were doing really well – the clubs were growing, and we had a lot of coaches and players. But we want to be really close with the clubs and help them rebuild. That will be our big goal for the next little while.

Then I really want to start working more with the other provinces in Canada to grow our sport. We need to work together more than ever. It’s going to be really hard for us to grow the sport without us all working together as much as we can.


Table Tennis President, Adham Sharara, commented:

“It’s a great pleasure to work with Rémi. He has a lot of experience and the necessary background as a player and a coach to lead the FTTQ. Rémi is always positive and open to new suggestions. I miss our in-person meetings and hopefully as the pandemic restrictions are eased, we will be able to resume our interesting discussions about our sport.”

“Congratulations to Remi on 10 years at FTTQ”

26 February 2022