On behalf of Ron Edwards (Manitoba) and Rémi Tremblay (Quebec), please find attached the “Return to Play” plans for MTTA and FTTQ.

These are sent to you courtesy of MTTA and FTTQ in case you also need to prepare similar plans. I believe that New Brunswick TTA also has some guidelines and I am sure others may also have some useful guidelines. The attached plans are based on the policies of Manitoba and Quebec, so you would need to adapt them according to the policies in your province/territory.

Each provincial, territorial and municipal jurisdiction has its own rules and timelines. So make sure you check the requirements that apply to you.

The attached plans may save you time, and if any of you have plans already, please send them around to the others to help them.

I have been asked the question regarding balls during play, as this is the one item that all players will touch. There was a suggestion of wearing gloves, but that does not solve the possibility of infection. It is also difficult not to touch your face when in training (sweat, etc.). Therefore, the best solution is to use two sets of balls.

The best is to have a set of white balls and a set of yellow balls at each table. The players only touch the balls at their table (let’s say 4 balls each). Ideally each player should keep these same balls for the duration of practice or games. If it is not easy to get yellow/orange balls then you may choose to mark half the balls instead. The best way to mark the balls is with a ball-point pen or a pencil (don’t use a felt pen, the ink affects the flight of the ball). The best mark is a circle around the ball, so the marked balls could be seen easily regardless of their position on the floor. This may be labour intensive, but should work.

Please share your ideas, and good luck in your return to play.

Québec Table Tennis Federation 

Manitoba Table Tennis Federation