The Markham PanAm Centre was the host of the 2019 North American Open. A Premium Plus event with a total price money of $75,000, almost 150 athletes from over 25 countries.

Events like this create good experiences for our young Canadian athletes, playing on the highest level against different styles, in a professional environment. It has been 5 days of action packed Table Tennis and within 18 Canadian Athletes competing in the Singles and Doubles events. The highlight being Eugene Wang, reaching the Quarter Finals in the Men’s Single competition.

“As President of Table Tennis Canada (TTCAN),  and on behalf of our  Board of Directors, I am very proud of all of our players competing in this event and in particular Eugene Wang for his great performances. I also thank our Canadian officials who contributed to the event as umpires and referees. This is a great experience for our players, coaches and officials on home soil.” – Adham Sharara, President Table Tennis Canada

If you like more information about the event, you can find the RESULTS and IMAGES on the ITTF website. Check out our FACEBOOK page for quotes, more images and stories about the event.

On behalf of TTCAN we like to thank ” ITTF North America” for running and funding this event in Markham.