The Gender Equity and Equality Committee’s initiative of a specialized training camp for girls is underway at the Ottawa Table tennis Club from 11 to 14 July 2022.

The focus in this training camp is on specific training for girls, nutrition, and mental strength.

List of female players:

sparring partner

Emily Liu
Crystal Liu
Dinghao ZUO (Amy)
Rebekah Zhu
Louise Fan
Rani Yang
Eva Zhang
Eliana Magni
Clara Magni
Sophie Gauthier
Demi Cai
Phuong Ngyuen
Grace Qi
Sparring partner: Priyanka Pareek

Head coach: Mariann Domonkos

Coach: Julia Charbonneau

Assistant coach: Émilia Cabrera Malette


For photos from the camp, click here:

Photos by: Thorsten Gohl