Canada is participating in the 2023 Pan American Youth Championships in Charleston, W.V., USA, with a full contingent of 4 players per age group (U15 and U19) for boys and girls. This means a total of 20 players, 4 coaches and one manager (Anqi LUO).

Unfortunately, half of our U15 boys and U15 girls teams, and one coach, have been stranded for 2 days with one flight cancellation after another. Even when a flight is not cancelled it is delayed, and the group misses the connection flight. This is really unfortunate for this group from Alberta who started the trip with enthusiasm and are spending 2 full days in airports with delays and cancellations.

The team competition starts this morning (23 July) and only half of our U15 team members are present in Charleston. Based on the information provided this morning by the coach, Phillip Xie, the players have met further delays this morning and will not make it on time for their first match.

We sincerely hope that the Referee will allow our 2 player who are present to play the match without the 3rdplayer. TTCAN has made the request and the Referee must decide.

Hopefully the team is complete later today and they continue the competition and do their best. Sometimes such adversity ignites the fighting spirit and turns into a positive effect in competition.

Stranded in Airports in North America

On the other hand, our U19 teams are both in Charleston and ready for their first match today

Canada’s U19 Teams ready to go!

Photos by: Anqi LUO