The success of the “2023 Target Group Team 28/32” tournament and the “Pan American Youth Qualification Trials” is in big part due to the quality of our Referees and Umpires.

On 29-30 April 2023, our Referees and Umpires worked very hard to make the events a success officiating 312 matches during the weekend.

Photo by Martine Landry

Back row (standing), from Left to Right:

  • Etienne Paradis, Plourde Provincial Umpire
  • Benoît Bourque, Provincial Umpire
  • Eliana Magni, Club Umpire
  • Roxane Borges, Provincial Umpire
  • Nancy Lagrange, Provincial Umpire
  • Daniel Lauzon, Provincial Umpire
  • Pu Ken Zhang, Club Umpire
  • Zvetlana Yankilovich, National Umpire
  • Marles Martin, TTCAN Technical Director

Front row (seated), from Left to Right:

  • Michel Legault, Provincial Umpire
  • Xiaoyang Zhu, Club Umpire
  • Yang Jing Club, Umpire
  • Pincheng Zhao, Deputy Referee
  • Denis Vigeant, Referee
  • John Chen, Control Desk Manager
  • Kustyn Zielinsky, Chief Umpire
  • Murdanaighum, Club Umpire
  • Jenny Shi, Club Umpire

TTCAN also thanks the “volunteer” umpires (not appearing in the photo):

  • Charles-Antoine Morin
  • Daniel Deschenes
  • Julien Roy
  • Line Thibault
  • Jiwen Guan

TTCAN greatly appreciates the work of all our umpires and referees.

Thank you!