Two Québec Table Tennis players, Tommy Xu and Edward Ly, spent their Summer in different continents to prepare themselves for the new season. While Tommy went to China, Edward spent his time in Denmark. We asked both of them a few questions about their travel.

Where did practice this Summer?
Edward: I practiced in Denmark. It’s a center with many players from different countries.
Tommy: I practiced in the Zhending Table Tennis Base. It is a training center where they allow any players from any level to go there. 

Who are you practicing with?
Edward: I’m practicing with all of the professional players.
Tommy: I am practicing with the strongest group of players there and every day, the coaches gives me lots of different partners to train with.

Are there any good players that we know?
Edward: There is! Feng Tianwei from Singapore, Michael Maze and Jonathan Groth from Denmark comes sometimes and Hu Melek from Turkey who used to be in the top 10 and also many other players around top 100 level are here also.
Tommy: I think there is one player that everyone knows that practices there and his name is Yu Khinhang. If you do not know him, he is a high level player that participated in the Youth Olympic Games this year and he is also a finalist in the Youth European Championship 2019.

How long were you there for?
Edward: I was there for a month.
Tommy: I staid there for about a month and a half.

What are you trying to improve on?
Edward: I’m trying to improve my backhand and also to try to find a way where I can use my forehand more often and also use it in a better way.
Tommy: Honestly I have many things that I want to improve in my game, but since my time is limited, my main focus is to improve my foot work.

Are you having fun?
Edward: Yeah people are nice and they’re always there for you to cheer you up.
Tommy: I’m gonna be completely honest here, it is not really fun training here mainly because no one speaks english and it is really hard to make friends.  But even so, I try to find ways to enjoy my time here.

What is your goal for the upcoming season?
Edward: For the moment, I would like to help Team Canada to qualify for the World Championships and get some good ITTF tournaments results.
Tommy: My goal for this season is to participate more in international tournaments and to improve my ITTF ranking.

If you could choose any practice partner in the world, who would it be?
Edward: It would be Zhang Jike.
Tommy: If I had a choice, my dream is to practice with Ma Long and to learn from him.

Tommy Xu at the Zhending Table Tennis Base in China.