The TTCAN Gender Equity Committee launched a program of financial support for projects aimed at gender equity in table tennis in early July.  Last year when the board of Directors launched a call for projects, they approved funding for 6 projects from 4 provinces and territories. To compare, this year TableTennis Canada is pleased to announce that 10 projects from 6 provinces and territories will be able to count on the financial assistance of TTCAN. All projects directly met one of the 5 objectives pursued in the action plan for equity and gender equality adopted earlier this year.

Julia Charbonneau, chair of the gender equity committee said she was delighted with the response and continued, “We can’t wait to see the projects presented come to fruition. The situation for women’s table tennis in Canada can only improve and we greatly appreciate the willingness of TTCAN and its board of directors to support initiatives to support gender equity. It’s a good start.”

Karine Dumontier, the manager of the committee agrees and adds that ” Gender equity concerns the entire table tennis community and in return the entire table tennis community will benefit from a better gender equity. “

Stay tuned for the committee’s next initiatives. You can follow publications on the subject on the FB page every Tuesday. We invite you to share this information with the people concerned. You can also visit the Equity and Gender Equality section on the TTCAN website, where you will find a gold mine of information.

Here is the list of funded projects: