Ottawa, Ontario – January 29, 2021 – Table Tennis Canada (TTCAN) is pleased to announce that it has retained McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) to act as the Independent Third Party to address harassment and abuse allegations that may arise.

“We are delighted that Richard McLaren and his team will be our Independent Third Party. This should give our athletes and our members the confidence that they can report any instances of abuse, harassment or any form of maltreatment without fear of retribution,” said Adham Sharara, president of Table Tennis Canada. “We are committed to providing our athletes and members with the safest and healthiest environment so they can excel in their chosen sport.”

Professor Richard McLaren, O.C., CEO of MGSS, and his team have unparalleled experience in investigating ethical issues in sport. Most recently, the MGSS team tabled a report that sets out a framework for protecting athletes from abuse, harassment and discrimination through a national safe-sport body.

“We congratulate Table Tennis Canada for moving forward so quickly with the adoption of the Universal Code and we thank them for trusting MGSS with this important mandate,” said

Professor McLaren. “Sports organizations today are faced with many complex challenges. MGSS has the well-being of athletes at our core. We will work with both the athletes and management of TTCAN to ensure that the highest level of ethics and integrity are maintained.

At its board meeting on Thursday, Table Tennis Canada also adopted the Universal Code of Conduct to prevent and address Maltreatment in Sport (UCCMS). Adoption and integration of the UCCMS into organisational policies and procedures will become a condition of all federally funded, national-level sport organisations by 1 April 2021.

The UCCMS, developed by the Canadian sport community, addresses maltreatment broadly and comprehensively, covering all types of conduct that inflict physical or psychological harm by a person against another person, within the sport community.


About Table Tennis Canada:

TTCAN is the national sports governing body for the sport of table tennis in Canada and a member in good standing of the International Table Tennis Federation. TTCAN manages a national team program leading to participation in the Olympic Games; certifies umpires and referees, sanctions tournaments across Canada in cooperation with its 13-member provincial and territorial associations. TTCAN also develops coaches through the National Coaching Certification program. TTCAN is funded in part by Sport Canada. Visit our website at


About McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc.:

Founded in 2014, MGSS helps sports organizations, at all levels, build effective and strong management structures that are based on robust governance and ethical frameworks. MGSS is an expert in building customized arbitration and adjudication services as well as developing processes to reduce risks, and creating ways of working that prioritizes ethical behaviour. Visit our website at

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