Have you seen the changes on our Table Tennis Canada website yet? No? Then better check it out and give us some feedback.

Here are some of the changes: 

  • Video window for the latest TTCAN YouTube video posted. As new videos are posted on TTCAN’s YouTube channel, the latest will appear on the website’s front page automatically;
  • Wider and better section for Facebook;
  • Better links to provincial/territorial associations’ websites using each association’s logo;
  • New section: CONTACT US, with photos of all officials and staff;
  • Links to all our partners (Sport Canada, ITTF, Coaching association, etc)
  • Recognition of Sport Canada’s contribution to TTCAN

Many sections of the website are either new with no content, or are being redone, so these sections will have the notation “Coming Soon” and will be completed step-by-step. Articles and announcements need to be reclassified so that they would appear in the proper section.  

On the front page, you will find the latest news/article in the large window, then “all” news/articles follow (5 rows of 2) in chronological order. Specific articles related to specific matters, will be eventually duplicated in the various Sub-Menu sections.

There will soon be new additional sections in the website such as:

  • CLUBS section: with a listing of all clubs and TT centres in Canada with a contact e-mail (database)
  • TOURNAMENTS section: which will have the name, date and location of all tournaments at provincial/territorial level, national and international (database)

If you are able to contribute to any of the “Coming Soon” sections, or if you see anything wrong, mistakes, misplaced information, missing information, etc., then please send an e-mail to ttcan@ttcanada.ca.