The 2018 AGM was adjourned to allow the appeal of Mr. Adham Sharara for his candidacy for the position of President of the Table Tennis Canada Board of Directors. Last evening the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada returned their decision and found in the favour of Mr Adham Sharara to retain his candidacy and stand for election. 

In light of the SDRCC findings, TTCAN President David Jackson has called, as per Section 3.2 of the TTCAN By-Laws, a Special General Meeting for March 2nd at 10am Pacific Time Zone. This meets the term of Notice as per Section 3.6 of the TTCAN By-Laws, this meeting will take place through electronic means with Agenda consisting of TTCAN Board Elections.

The timing also allows for:

  1. the unprecedented nature of these circumstances, the election methodology must be approved by all bodies including Sport Canada to guarantee recognition.
  2. PTSO boards time to meet and discuss up to date information and make a decision on to whom they wish to vote for. 
  3. both candidates to outline their platforms
  4. Canada Winter Games taking place through the middle of February (15th to 21st for competitive games). 

Kind Regards,

Board of Directors