Table Tennis Canada, through its Gender Equity Action Plan, wants to increase the number of girls and women in all areas of the sport. This 2021-2023 plan has 5 main objectives:

  1. Involving more women in leadership positions and developing a respectful and inclusive Table Tennis sporting culture.
  2. Developing strategies for retaining girls and women in Table Tennis.
  3. Developing strategies for attracting girls and women in Table Tennis.
  4. Developing pathways for women in coaching.
  5. Offer equitable high-performance pathways for female players.

The action plan presents these objectives in more detail, the actions as well as the follow-up measures will be properly documented. The committee will start implementing some of the actions during the year. In addition, the committee launches a call for projects for Provincial or Territorial Table Tennis Associations and clubs.

If you have ideas for projects, submit your project to the Gender Equity and Equality Committee before August 31, 2021 by completing the following form:

Application form_financial support2021-22_EN