With the restructuring of Table Tennis Canada and becoming a volunteer driven National Sport Organization, the Coaching Certification Committee came together to present the status of coaching in Canada with the members. A great turn out with 7 Provinces & Territories being present.

“We had some great interactions and discussion” says Chair of the Coaching Certification Committee and Board of Director Thorsten Gohl. “It is so important coming together to talk about a coach development and how we can strengthen it.”

The Coaching Certification Committee will be meeting next to discuss setting standardizes fees for hosting workshops, making umpire certification a requirement for coach development and will identify Coach Developers, Coach Evaluators and Coach Facilitators per Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO).

The Committee will provide the PTSO’S  with the database to check their facilitators, evaluators and developers as well as coaches and provide updated information if possible. Working closely with the Coaching Association of Canada, Table Tennis Canada will then update the database to reflect the actual current status of Table Tennis in Canada.

The plan for 2020 includes:
1. Clean up the database for facilitators, evaluators, developers and coaches
2. Set a standard level for National Team Coaches
3. Restructure and simplify the facilitation of “Community Coaching” and “Introduction to Competition”
4. Certify as many Community Coaches as possible
5. Host a Coaches Week in the Northwest Territories, December 2020

Marles Martins is hired by TTCAN as “Coaching and Athlete Development Consultant on a part-time basis and to act as Manager of the Coaching Certification Committee. The Committee is composed as follows:

Thorsten Gohl, Chair
Attila Mosonyi, Ontario
Mathieu LeCapitaine, Québec
Djordje Lekovic, Ontario
Martin McLoughlin, British Columbia
Marles Martins, Manager