Send us a short video each week of your best Table Tennis trick shots for your chance to win weekly cash prizes! Here are the weekly theme’s, link to the entries and the winner announcements. 

TOP 10

Week #10

Theme: Serve
Winner:  Raymond Zeng, QC (

Week #9

Theme: Anything but a racket
Winner:  Edward Ly, QC (

Week #8

Theme: Freestyle
Winner:  Nikhilesh Gohil, NT (

Week #7

Theme: Include music
Winner: Nikhilesh Gohil, Northwest Territories (

Week #6

Theme: Around the Net
Winner: Alexis and Victoria, Manitoba (

Week #5

Theme: Between the Legs
Winner: Tommy Xu & Kenny Ly, Québec (

Week #4

Theme: Behind the Back
Winner: Raymond Zeng, Québec (

Week #3

Theme: Hand Switch
Winner: Raymond Zeng, Québec (

Week #2

Theme: Target
Winner: Raymond Zeng, Québec (

Week #1 

Theme: Give us your best shot!
Winner: Edward Ly, Québec (

HERE are the Table Tennis trick shot competition rules. 

We are excited about all the entries and amazing trick shots that are coming our way. Thank you very much for your participation in making such fun videos.

It has come to our attention that there might be some issues about likes. Sadly enough Table Tennis Canada does not have any control over adding or removing likes. That is fully up to YouTube, their policies and the measures that they have in place to make sure that likes and comments on all videos are up to date and fair. 

If anyone has any concerns, please reach out to us at and let us know. There  is nothing that Table Tennis Canada can do to prevent this, we ask you to please send your concerns directly to YouTube if you believe that the number of likes shown are not accurate. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing your amazing skills in our trick shot competition.