What are meaningful competitions? Is it something that is predictable or would we call it a blow out? Do we include all kinds of levels and disregard similar level’s of abilities? If you said NO to the las two questions, then YES, you are right. 

It was nice to see that Table Tennis was included in the Sport for Life presentation “Competition Review and Restructuring – What’s Working, What’s Next.” The first part of the webinar talked about meaningful competitions. Making sure that we can find creative ways on engaging all levels of skills, including everyone that would like to participate in a sport. The second part talked about how to prepare athletes and coaches for competitions throughout a season, including recoveries. 

As identified in the slides, Table Tennis’s rating system includes meaningful competition, where the results look at relatively close matches. Most competitors are matched with similar levels and abilities and the result is not known easily. 

Great to see that Table Tennis already has done a big step towards opening things up for meaningful competitions. We are looking forward to the start of our competitions again and continue the great work that has been done already.

To know more about it, a great guide written by Sport for Life on Meaningful Competition Guide

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