A big “THANK YOU” to all concerned for all the preparations and then successful implementation of the Canadian ParaTT Championships. It was good to have the players come together and compete again. I especially thank Ian Kent, Michele Matthews for preparations and on site implementation, as well as Karine Dumontier for “off0site” immediate translations into French of all social media postings.

The work of our volunteers and staff is much appreciated.

We were able to follow most of the Championships on YouTube thanks to the streaming service provided by our Board member Thorsten Gohl, also the many photos of the event taken by Thorsten and posted on our website and Facebook page.

I sincerely hope that this event will grow in future years and that we can see gradual increased participation.

It is great to see our athletes in action again two weeks ago in Laval and this weekend in Mississauga.  We will start planning now for the 2022 Canadian Championships (Junior and Senior) and the 2022 Canadian ParaTT Championships.

It is TTCAN’s objective to make our National Championships the highlight of the year and the yearly gathering of our table tennis family in Canada.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of TTCAN, I would like to thank the Referee and Umpires who officiated at the 2021 Canadian ParaTT Championships in Mississauga this past weekend.

I would like to congratulate them on their professional attitude. Their work at this event raised the level of the Championship and gave it a real sense of importance. I am sure that the athletes appreciated their presence at this National Championship.

The role of a Referee and an Umpire is a difficult one, as we all know; but it is even more difficult at a ParaTT event for many reasons. However, the dedication and positive attitude of our officials contributed to the success of the event and made the players feel comfortable, while concentrating on their play during the matches.

I encourage you to view the interviews that were recorded during the Championships with Ian Kent, Gabriel Seguin, John MacPherson, Luba Sadovska and others. These interviews are very motivating.

Finally, I would like to express TTCAN’s gratitude and thank all those who volunteer their time for TTCAN events, and especially for making the 2021 Canadian ParaTT Championships a success.

Adham Sharara

President – TTCAN