On September 9th, TT4EVER and the North Shore Table Tennis Society successfully organized the final tournament of the Coast-to-Coast Fundraiser Series. The event was a great success, but what made it truly special was the session held prior to the tournament for seniors with Parkinson’s. 

The dedicated youth volunteers enthusiastically engaged with the seniors, playing and coaching them in table tennis. “It was heartwarming to witness the younger generation stepping up to bridge the generational gap and provide table tennis therapy to the seniors in our communities” said Founder Kevin Guo. 

The tournament itself was a vibrant affair, with approximately 50 players participating, including players from Ukraine and Japan, as well as some remarkable individuals over 85 years old. The event managed to raise nearly $2000, which will be utilized to support individuals with Parkinson’s. 

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our incredible youth volunteers and the North Shore Table Tennis Society for their invaluable contributions in ensuring the smooth execution of the tournament.” – Kevin Guo

Now, let’s hear some words from our founder, Kevin Guo.

  1. Why did you decide to host it in Vancouver?

We hosted the latest fundraiser tournament in Vancouver because we wanted to partner with the North Shore Table Tennis Society—we had a common goal: to use table tennis to help seniors.  In fact, prior to the tournament, TT4EVER and the North Shore Table Tennis Society held a joint event for seniors with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s!

  1. Were there any other National Team Athletes involved?

Yes — members of the national team (David Mandelstam, Olivia Huang) as well as the BC provincial team (Ethan Yiu, Raymond Zhu, Adrian Lee, Sofia Li) were eager to help with the seniors event and the tournament!

  1. What is next for you in TT4EVER?

Over the course of the next few weeks, TT4EVER will be launching more online tutorials — we’re beginning to partner with national team athletes from other countries (USA, Australia)!

Moreover, TT4EVER will continue to support MPP Natalia Kusendova and MPP Laura Smith’s Private Members Bill “Improving Dementia Care in Ontario Act 2023” and help the seniors in our communities through table tennis therapy.

  1. Who will receive the money that you fundraised?

The money that we raised in our Vancouver Tournament (close to $2000) will be donated towards Parkison’s organizations; the money that we raised in our Ontario and Newfoundland Tournaments (roughly $6500) was donated to the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario at the Ontario Parliament on October 4th. The donation took place during a Destigmatizing Dementia event hosted by MPP Kusendova and MPP Smith—we hope to continue contributing to the conversations that will serve as the foundation for a world without dementia.

A huge thank you goes to our sponsors, the Ontario Table Tennis Association, Jeremy Lehr (Team Newfoundland Head Coach), the North Shore Table Tennis Society, our wonderful volunteers, and all of our participants—without these amazing individuals, this series of tournaments (as well as our donation to the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario) wouldn’t have been possible. 

Attached are some pictures of the collaborative seniors event prior to the Vancouver tournament, as well as some pictures of the donation ceremony to the Alzheimer’s Society of Ontario. TTCAN’s support is greatly appreciated!

We are eagerly anticipating the occurrence of more events like this in the near future. The experience of attending such events is truly remarkable, as they bring people together, foster a sense of community, and provide opportunities for learning, networking, and enjoyment.