The youth-run nonprofit organization, initiated by a group of passionate Table Tennis athletes, is a testament to the power of young people’s commitment to sports and community development. 

We took the time to talk to Kevin, the founder of TT4EVER, sharing his insights and passion about this organization and the future of Table Tennis in Canada.

  1. Tell us what TT4EVER is and how it came to be?

TT4EVER is a youth-run nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting table tennis within the greater community. The idea of TT4EVER developed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic; since loneliness was prevalent as a result of the heavy restrictions, we wanted to use table tennis as a means to strengthen the bonds between community members. As such, in February of 2021, TT4EVER organized its first ever event, which had over 30 participants from across Ontario: the TT4EVER Virtual Family Day Event.

A major aspect of TT4EVER is the Ping4Alzheimer program. Ping4Alzheimer is a French program that utilizes table tennis as a means to mitigate the impacts of Alzheimer’s in seniors. I came across the Ping4Alzheimer program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic; last summer, I obtained my official Ping4Alzheimer trainer certification, and helped to run the first Canadian Ping4Alzheimer chapter at the Yee Hong Senior Center. Earlier this year, TT4EVER helped to establish a second Ping4Alzheimer chapter within Canada at the Amica Senior Center Peel Village. 

  1. Where does the name of the organization come from and what does it mean?

The name “TT4EVER” expands to “table tennis forever.” It encapsulates our primary mission: to foster a love and passion for table tennis within our communities. 

  1. What is your role with the organization?

I am the founder of TT4EVER, and my responsibilities include organizing events and tournaments, recruiting volunteers, and making people feel included and excited.

  1. What are your social media tags?

Our instagram account is @tt4ever_npo, our Youtube account is @TT4EVER, and our email account is

  1. What was your experience from past events? 

What I’ve noticed from TT4EVER’s past events is that table tennis is a connective force. It strengthens the ties between community members in addition to the bonds between caretakers and seniors. Seeing people smile and laugh together at our events evokes a deep and unique appreciation for table tennis, and motivates me to continue spreading table tennis within the community. 

I’m also deeply grateful and touched by the overwhelming support we receive at our fundraising events, whether it be from our sponsors, our volunteers, or kind donors. 

  1. What upcoming events do you have with TT4EVER?

Our most recent event was the TT4EVER Fundraiser Tournament (Ontario), which was hosted on June 17th, 2023 at the My Table Tennis Club Mississauga. We held the tournament with 3 main intentions: to improve the visibility of the Ping4Alzheimer program, to involve more youth in TT4EVER and Ping4Alzheimer, and to strengthen the connections between members of the table tennis community. Our tournament had 4 categories: Open A (1200+ rating), Open B (1200- rating), Seniors (55+), and Para. We had an amazing turnout, with over 80 players playing in the tournament (some of them even came from Buffalo, USA).

Over the summer, TT4EVER will host 2 more fundraiser tournaments: one will take place in Newfoundland  (Rotary Paradise Youth and Community Center) on August 12th, and the other will take place in British Columbia (North Shore Table Tennis Club) on September 9th.

  1. Any others in the group you like to mention?

I’d like to give a huge shout-out to our vice president, Michelle Wang, our logistics director, Vedant Parikh, our operations manager, Demi Cai, all of our youth volunteers, our sponsors for the Fundraiser Tournament (Repower Financial Group, Nova Marketing Group, and Al Premium Supermarket), and of course, my parents who have supported me the entire way.

As well, I’d like to thank all of the players who recorded a short segment promoting TT4EVER and Ping4Alzheimer in our Fundraiser Tournament Recap Video!

  1. Is there anything else you like to share?

For more information about our mission, events, Ping4Alzheimer, and our team, please visit our website!

Image 1: 2021 TT4EVER Virtual Family Day Event!

Image 2: TT4EVER New Year’s Eve Family Event! 

Image 3: Demi (TT4EVER Operations Manager) organizing a fun game for children at the TT4EVER booth at the 2022 CICSA Chinese Festival! 

Image 4: Kevin Guo (TT4EVER Founder) explaining Ping4Alzheimer to a curious visitor at the Chinese Festival!

Image 5: A festival visitor donating to the TT4EVER booth!

Image 6: Kevin Guo playing with a senior at the first Canadian Ping4Alzheimer chapter associated with the Yee Hong Senior Center!


Image 7: Kevin, Michelle (TT4EVER Vice-President), and Vedant (TT4EVER Logistics Director) at a Ping4Alzheimer session in the Amica Senior Center Peel Village!


Image 8: An image of fellow players talking to one another at the Fundraiser Tournament!


Image 9: Para players at the TT4EVER Fundraiser Tournament!


Image 10: TT4EVER youth volunteers at the Fundraiser Tournament!

Image 11: A player making a donation at the Fundraiser Tournament!