Table Tennis Canada and SportLoMo announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Table Tennis in Canada

ONTARIO, July 16, 2018.

The Governing body of Table Tennis Canada and SportLoMo, the fastest-growing software provider of sports technology in Canada, today announced a strategic alliance to revolutionize table tennis in Canada. The two have forged an exclusive partnership to transform table tennis with the SportLoMo digital platform offering a suite of new technology features across all facets of table tennis from Online Registration, Membership and Game Management to Player Participation.

Table Tennis Canada, known as TTCAN, is a member of ITTF North America which sits underneath the world governing body, The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Table tennis attracts a significant audience worldwide, with table tennis at the Rio 2016 Olympics attracting an audience of over ½ billion TV viewers. The International Federation (ITTF) boasts 222 National Associations worldwide.

Table Tennis Canada is a not-for-profit organization, responsible for promoting and developing Table Tennis in Canada from grassroots to the podium, cataloging, sanctioning and processing tournaments within Canada. It maintains a national rating and ranking system and oversees the Canadian National Program.

The strategic alliance between TTCAN and SportLoMo will create an integrated digital solution delivered direct to TTCAN’s twelve member associations, combining best-in-class sports management software with innovation.

“TTCAN’s vision is to create a high-performance environment that supports Canadian athletes in their quest for the podium at major international competitions, build and maintain a national competition system, advance the expertise in all matters table tennis through education and programs accessible to all Canadians, and assist provincial member through LTAD/TT4Life programming associations with building a large base of table tennis players and clubs in Canada. SportLoMo has a proven track record and a great service. Together I feel we will provide a platform for table tennis in Canada to make strives forward.” said John Hyland, CDO, TTCAN.

“SportLoMo and TTCAN share a commitment to increasing sports participation and optimizing the experience for all involved, especially for the volunteer coaches that are positively impacting the lives of thousands of young athletes” said Seamus Kyne, CEO, SportLoMo.

“Our team are looking forward to working closely with TTCAN to improve player and fan engagement and retention while leveraging Table Tennis Canada’s strengths” comments Kyne.

TTCAN will avail of the SportLoMo services to manage membership, online registration, collect and manage competition data for its website and update standings in real-time. Game administrators will also use the platform to schedule referees, umpires and game officials, check their availability/unavailability and auto-notify them of assignments.

Exciting new Team Roster functionality will link Team Rosters to Member Registration and track individual players. Over time this will build a ‘playing history’ for each player thus giving the twelve provincial/territorial associations and their clubs the ability to view and track their own player’s playing history. This functionality comes with reporting modules, participation graphs and bar charts.
Sportlomo complies with the requirement to cater for both national languages in Canada. French is localized (Canadian French) and the platform is supported by a dual English and French Call Centre.

Given SportLoMo’s experience of the Canadian sports market and its global footprint, the company is well positioned to assist TTCAN drive forward in to a great future.


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The Canadian Table Tennis Association was formed in 1929, with Québec as the founding provincial member and Ontario joining 5 years later. A long association with the Canadian National Exhibition began in 1936, when the first Canadian Table Tennis Championships were staged there.
Table Tennis Canada is a not-for-profit organization which governs the sport of Table Tennis in Canada. Table Tennis Canada upholds the principles of the ITTF while seeking to drive Canada to be a top nation in the sport. Table Tennis Canada will have a world class high performance program to drive sustained excellence at the Olympic and Paralympic level.

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Sportlomo is a leading provider of software to amateur sports across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Canada and North America.
SportLoMo is a global leader in sports technology providing an integrated technology platform for national governing bodies, sports leagues, associations, clubs, parents, coaches and athletes.
The company is headquartered in Ireland. To learn more about how SportLoMo is transforming the sports experience, please visit