The 7-member TTCAN Athlete Commission (AC) was elected by the senior national team members. The elected AC members then met to elect their Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary according to the approved Terms of Reference of the AC as follows:

Chair             Alayna Chan (SK)

Vice Chair     Peter Sherwood (NS) ParaTT

Secretary      Ivy Liao (BC)

Members      Edward Ly (QC), Joyce Xu (ON), Matthew Lehmann (MB) and Curtis Caron (NS) ParaTT.


The TTCAN AGM endorsed the election at its meeting on 19 September 2020.

At the AGM Alayna Chan expressed her pride and honour to be elected Chair, and as such to be the Athlete Representative and voting Director of TTCAN’s Board of Directors. She also indicated that all elected members of the AC wished to be considered for the position of Vice-Chair and the position of Secretary. Therefore, an internal election was necessary for those positions. This shows the interest and motivation that each member has to serve on the AC.

“This has been a great step forward in strengthening the athlete voice in table tennis. I am very excited to have launched the Athlete Commission, and I am happy to see the diversity of our group and the important perspectives each of our members bring to the table. I am looking forward to the work that we will do to continue to move table tennis in a positive direction for our athletes” expressed Alayna Chan.

“On behalf of the Board we welcome the new Athletes Commission and look forward to the input and opinions of our athletes. Already Alayna Chan as the Athlete Representative on the Board for the past 2 years has provided to the Board the athletes’ opinions and concerns. She also initiated the creation of the Athletes Commission to streamline the process of athletes’ involvement in the decision-making process. We look forward to continue working with Alayna and the AC” said Adham Sharara, TTCAN’s President.

The next meeting of the Athletes Commission is tentatively scheduled for mid-October.

30 September 2020