The TTCAN Board of Directors met on 10 December 2020. Here are some of the decisions taken at the meeting:

  • A Gender Equity and Equality webinar will be held specifically for Coaches in the new year. Canadian coaches and international experts will be invited to discuss new initiatives in training and competition for girls. – More information to follow.
  • TTCAN will provide a financial contribution to provincial/territorial associations and coaches who implement Gender Equity initiatives corresponding to the TTCAN Gender Equity plan. – More information to follow.
  • TTCAN will assist National Team members in various ways to ensure that they continue to practice seriously and intensively during the pandemic. This may include subsidizing the cost of TT-Robots.
  • A new position “Executive Director” will be created and advertised in 2021 with a detailed job description.
  • The new ParaTT National Team was provisionally approved pending final confirmation from the ParaTT Committee. The list will be published on TTCAN’s website.
  • The contracts of TTCAN’s Operations Manager, Technical Development Manager and High Performance Consultant will be renewed for one more year.
  • In order to protect our athletes during competitions from possible injury (concussion) TTCAN will initiate a Safety measure at all national championships, including Juniors, selection tournaments, top provincial events, etc., at which an ITTF approved sport flooring will have to be used to cover hard floor surfaces (hardwood, concrete, etc.). TTCAN will provide financial support to PTSOs who host such events in order to guarantee that the sports floor is used.
  • TTCAN will also ensure that recognized HP Training Centres will have ITTF approved sports floor to protect our athletes during training as well.
  • A new concept team competition across Canada will be initiated in the new year. – More information to follow.
  • A proposal to assist provincial/territorial teams to acquire high quality uniforms is being studied. – More information to follow.
  • It was noted that 7 provinces/territories have taken advantage so far of the “Tournament Enhancement Initiative” by which TTCAN provides financial assistance in the procurement of top ITTF approved tournament equipment (Tables, nets, surrounds, etc.).

19 December 2020